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Types of Tool Used for HVAC Repairs in Houston, Texas

Types of Tool Used for HVAC Repairs in Houston, Texas

HVAC problem troubleshooting has never been more efficient thanks to modern repair tools and equipment. Some tools only require basic knowledge, while others require specific training in order to be used effectively. Take a look at some of the tools used for Houston AC repair.

Snips Similar to scissors, snips have hinged handles and crescent-shaped blades. These cutting tools are used to shear through thin metals such as air conditioner ducts. Also known as aviation snips and compound action snips, snips can be used to create branches in major ducts. Most HVAC technicians prefer to use snips, because it can cut metals quicker than any other type of shears. Compound action snips feature an improved design for mechanical advantage.

Manifold Gauge This tool is used to control the pressure of the refrigerant in an air conditioning system. It features two gauges that display pressure values in pounds per square inch (psi). The first gauge is a low pressure gauge that measures vacuum pressure, while the other is a high-pressure gauge that measures positive pressure. Manifold gauges used in Houston AC repair can reveal the nature of problem with the AC.

Leak Detector Because refrigerants are odorless, finding leaks in an air conditioner can be very difficult for repair technicians. The use of leak detector helps HVAC technicians in determining the location of leak in an air conditioner. Leak detectors feature probes with sensing tips. The probes are usually bendable to reach corners inside the air conditioner and powered by batteries. Leak detectors can be used by waving the probe across the supply lines of the air conditioner.

Laser Thermometer If manifold is used to measure pressure, laser thermometer is used to measure temperature in specific areas such as the area surrounding the air conditioning vent.

This essential, trigger-operated tool emits an infrared ray against distant surfaces and displays result in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. One good thing about laser thermometers is that, you can determine the temperature of an object or area without touching or exposing yourself to it. Laser thermometers can be purchased at superstores, auto supply stores, and online retailers.

Soldering Tools This tool used for heating Houston TX can offer works like a pair of pliers or a curling iron in a salon. It clamps around a pipe and heats it without using flame. Soldering tools use electricity instead of open flame which poses risk of explosion due to chemical reaction. To prevent burns from accidental falls, a soldering tool holder must be used at all times. Flame-free soldering tools can be purchased in kits which include different tips of various sizes and shapes.

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