Reliable AC/Heating Services from Berner AC/Heat

If your home is need of AC or heat services, then you can rely on Berner AC/Heat. Services are provided for ac repair Kovington and they provide an air conditioning contractor Kenner. Berner prides itself on having an almost perfect record for correcting hot spots that are caused by poor system design, installation and high humidity. The company has been in service for over fifty years and has certified technicians on duty throughout the areas of Orleans, Jefferson and St. Tammy.

Some of the services that Berner AC Heat provides are:

Repair Service: technicians   will repair air conditioning, heat pumps and heating equipment brands. If you are still in warranty, Berner will take care of your warranty parts claims.

Annual Maintenance Agreement: The annual maintenance agreement includes two home visits per year and a comprehensive inspection of all functional components. They offer 10% off repairs of the covered equipment for the life of contract. Visits are done during once in the fall/winter and then again the spring/summer. Summer inspections include cleaning the outdoor condenser coils, sanitize indoor evaporator coils, blow out condensate drains, check refrigerant, amperage draws, electrical connections and lubricate blower and condenser motors when needed.   In the fall/winter time, carbon monoxide levels are tested in gas heating and water systems. The heat exchanger, burners, venting, blower and blower motors are also checked.

Design and Installation: Berner will install your heating and cooling installation as needed.

They offer free estimates on new equipment, replacement, remodeling and new construction.

Berner AC/Heat provide both residential and commercial services. Clients of Berner are known to report fewer system failures and down times in their Commercial Annual Maintenance agreement. For residential homes, Berner will measure your home and perform a heat load analysis. Berner feels that an analysis will help determine the correct type of system to maximize your comfort and help save you money with energy savings. For commercial buildings, Berner will perform an on-site review and give your business a proposal.

Another service that Berner offers is Ductless Mini-Split. Those who have rooms that are too small for a ducted HVAC system have the option to go ductless. Ductless systems are ideal for older buildings that need air conditioning and heating. The installation is non-invasive and neat. Ductless systems can be placed in schools, restaurants, landmark homes, home theaters, sun rooms, home offices, clinics, cabanas, places of worship, hotels and retail shops. If you would like to use Ductless system in your home or commercial building, you can contact Berner for more information.

Should your home or commercial business need a new heating and air conditioning system or system repairs, you can contact Berner. Berner is a company that you can count on for AC repair Kovington. For an air conditioning contractor Kenner, Berner is also there for the services that you need. With the experience of 50 years in business and positive customer reviews, you can be assured that you are receiving an honest and reliable service from someone who cares about your needs.

When you are searching for air conditioning service  ac repair Kovington then Berner air will be the best option. We air conditioning contractor Kenner, offer heating and air conditioning service. To know more visit the website at









Bernerair provides great air conditioning and heating services at reasonable rates. Customer satisfaction is very important for  Bernerair.


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